Hello, Welcome to my scooter/moped page!!  Here are four different versions of the Honda Express line.   Introduced to the US market in 1977.  A 50 cc. 2-stroke engine and automatic transmission.  All of my bikes are registered in New York State.  
1977 NC50 Honda Express.  This one I acquired from Ravenna, OH.  Sold in three colors: Parakeet Yellow, Mars Orange and Pal Green. The version from 1977 until 1980 had a manual choke, points ignition and a clever wind up kick starting system. The transmission had only one speed with a centrifugal clutch, double suspension and forced lubrication (does not run on mix). CDI ignition (Capacitor discharge ignition), direct kick starting and automatic choke as well as an improved compression ratio were added in 1981. Two speed automatic transmissions were introduced toward the end of their production run in 1983.                                            The serial number began NC50-1139281.
My VINTAGE, RARE , hard to find 1981 NX50M Honda Express SR.  With floor board design and 10 inch wheels.  It has both electric and kick starter as well as a 12 volt system, auto choke, oil injection.  The engine is a 49cc 2-stroke Reed valve single cylinder. It has a 2-speed automatic transmission and belt drive.  SRs were produced in 1981 and 1982.  It came in two colors: Angel Blue (with white fenders and front cowling) and Monza Red (with white fenders and front cowling). In my possession since June 18, 1984, I used until 1988.  It was then placed in storage until March 29, 2003.  After 15 years of inactivity, I restored this machine. I've replaced a number of items, including a new seat, new fuel tank valve, filters, seals,
1981 NX50M Express SR
1982 NU50M Urban Express                   Deluxe
1982 Iowa NC50 Express
1977 NC50 Express
 brake pads, brake light, head lamp, battery and carburetor.  Currently it has a little over 1,300 miles.  Everything works and I have done everything to make it a nicely restored machine. Some people call it a moped but it sure looks like a scooter to me.                  The serial number began JH2AB0402BS000007.

Why ride a moped?
I have been riding scooters and motorcycles for more than 52 years.  I started riding a Vespa 50cc at age 10, then at 15 a Ducati 98cc, in South America and I have owned dozens of motorcycles and scooters, from 49cc to the mighty 1835cc (my current trike).  So I think I can give you some good insights about mopeds/scooters and Iron Horses!!  
They are fun!  A head turner, lightweight, cheap on gasoline, easy to ride, easy to transport (I used to put my 1981 Honda Express SR inside my car's trunk in the 80's and go to a remote area and then return home, bring it up on the elevator and into my apartment in New York City).  They are also good motorhome backup transportation.
The negative side about these little jewels is that they lack power and they are a bit unstable in handling because of their light weight and small wheels.  Wind, bumps and potholes can upset your balance and throw you around a bit - not fun.  Extra caution should be taken and stay all the way to the right. Some car drivers get very impatient with a slow vehicle like a scooter and tailgate you trying to pass.  Forget about going on the high speed freeways, so adjust your route accordingly.  ;>)   

1982 NC50 Honda Express (NC50I'82 in Iowa).  It's condition is just like new.  In 1982 the colors were metallic: Sober Blue Metallic and Special Silver Metallic. The engine was a 49cc 2-stroke single cylinder. Oil injection, automatic choke, CDI ignition and direct kick starting.  Two speed transmission and a new frame design were the major changes in 1982 and 1983.  Production ended in 1983.                                     The Iowa serial number began JH2AB1018CS000017, while the rest of the United States models began JH2AB1006CS000007.

1982 NU50M Honda Urban Express Deluxe.  I built this bike from rusted parts; most of the parts, including the frame and motor, came from Puyallup, WA.  In 1982 two colors were available: Cosmo Black Metallic (with chrome and red stripes) and Special Silver Metallic (with chrome and black stripes). The Urban family of Express also uses a two  speed automatic belt type drive system. Oil injection, automatic choke, electric and direct kick starting.  The Urban Deluxe, unlike it's non-deluxe twin, is equipped with an electric starter.  The Urban line was produced in 1982 and 1983.. Interestingly the U.S. sold two different models: one for the state of Iowa and another for the rest of the states.                                                             The serial number for the Iowa bikes began JH2AB1312CS000039 while the others began JH2AB1303CS000025.

    VIN information for Honda Express scooters is listed below.

The 9th digit of the VIN is a check digit. It varies according to the production number at the end.  (last 7 digits) of the VIN. The 10th digit of the VIN is the year code. The letters I, O, Q, U, Z are not used to avoid confusion  with numbers:

1980 A  1981 B  1982 C  1983 D  1984 E  1985 F  1986 G  1987 H  1988 J  1989 K  1990 L  1991 M
1992 N  1993 P  1994 R  1995 S  1996 T  1997 V  1998 W  1999 X  2000 X  2001 1  2002 2  2003 3
Note that if your scooter was manufactured from say 2/86 - 2/87, it's likely to be a '87 model. This is fairly standard practice in the automobile and motorcycle industry.

NC50 Express
Year                Colors                                                         VIN                     Engine Number     Product Code
1977 Parakeet Yellow, Mars Orange, Pal Green      NC50-1139281             NC50E-1100021          147
1978 Parakeet Yellow, Mars Orange, Pal Green      NC50-2000013            NC50E-2000001           147
1979 Parakeet Yellow, Shiny Orange, Angel Blue    NC50-2100011            NC50E-2100001           147
1980 Parakeet Yellow, Angel Blue                             NC50-2200005            NC50E-2200001           147
1981 Monza Red, Angel Blue                                     JH2AB0807BS400008   AB08E-2400001       193
1982 Sober Blue Metallic, Special Silver Metallic   JH2AB1006CS000007,   
                                 (NC50I'82 in Iowa) Express      JH2AB1018CS000017   AB10E-2000001        GA6
1983 Indigo Blue Metallic,Special Silver Metallic   JH2AB100XDS100001, 
                                 (NC50I'83 in Iowa) Express      JH2AB101XDS101142   AB10E-2100001       GA6

NX50 Express SR
Year                Colors                                                         VIN                     Engine Number     Product Code
1981 Angel Blue/White, Monza Red/White              JH2AB0402BS000007   AB04E-2000001        GC1
1982 Angel Blue/White, Monza Red/White              JH2AB040*CS100002   AB04E-2100001        GC1

NU50 Urban Express
Year                Colors                                                         VIN                     Engine Number     Product Code
1982 Black, Monza Red                                             JH2AB132*CS000010,
                                                                         (Iowa)  JS1AB133*CS000024   AB13E-2000001        GC1
1983 Black, Special Silver Metallic                           JH2AB132*DK000001, 
                                                                         (Iowa)  JS1AB133*DK100003   AB13E-2100001       GC1
NU50 Urban Express Deluxe
Year                Colors                                                         VIN                     Engine Number     Product Code        
1983 Century Brown Metallic, Cosomo Black Metallic          JH2AB1303CS000025,
                                                                        (Iowa)   JH2AB1312CS000039   AB13E-2100001       GC1             


Express …......….…….… NC50       1977 – 1983   Similar to the Yamaha Yamahopper and Susuki Shuttle
Express II …...…………. NA50       1979 – 1981   Upswept seat
Express  SR…...………... NX50M    1981 – 1982   10” wheels, two speed transmission
Urban Express ....………. NU50       1982 – 1983   Chopper styling
Urban Express  Deluxe.... NU50M    1982 – 1983   Chopper styling 

  NC50/Description              Year     Description          OEM/NOS #                   $ Price/Each     Unit(s)
  NU50M-Urban/Description         Year     Description          OEM/NOS #                   $ Price/Each     Unit(s)
I just acquired several Express II (NA50), If you need any parts please email me for availability, pictures and prices. Thank you. 
  NX50M-SR/Description      Year     Description          OEM/NOS #                   $ Price/Each    Unit(s)
These parts are from my private stash. If you see something you like or need, I can sell it to you. I accept PayPal and prices are firm. Merchandise is in used condition unless they are marked "NEW, OEM-NEW (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or NOS (New Old Stock)". I select, wash, clean and polish all parts. Not all parts are listed below. If there is anything you need or if you have any questions or concerns please 
Please click on the mopeds image to see more pictures of each bike.
email me
These motors were removed from their original Honda factory crate for the photos. They have never been mounted or serviced. There is no oil in it and will ship as pictured in approved material built crate/box. Price is $400 for each motor. Please be sure this is what you need for your bike because I will not accept returns on these engines. The crated motor weighs 49lbs and shipping will be $60.00 anywhere in the lower States.  I ship world wide but the buyer will need to arrange shipping cost and transport to their country. 
NOS CRATED Honda Motor Engine 81 NX50 M-B SR Express. Please click on the image to see more pictures of each motor.
NOS Honda NC 50-B NC50B NC50 B Automatic 2 Speed Engine Motor. Please click on the image to see more pictures of each motor.
Please click on this photo to see more of my 1977-1982 Honda Express collection.
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  NA50/Description                        Year     Description          OEM/NOS #                   $ Price/Each     Unit(s)
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